Wednesday, February 29, 2012

spring nail trends that make me happy...

Above from left: Lancome VERNIS IN LOVE, Beige Dentelle; Essie, Very Structured; OPI Nail Polish Nicki Minaj Collection - Did It On 'Em; Sally Hansen, Chartreuse Chase; OPI Nail Lacquer, Big Apple Red; Revlon Nail Enamel, Revlon Red; CHANEL LE VERNIS NAIL COLOUR, Black Satin; OPI La Collection De France, Tickle My France-y; essie Nail Color – Mesmerize; Revlon Nail Enamel - Blue Lagoon; SpaRitual Water, Undercurrent

Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday night date night...

ating….. It’s so complicated!  I haven’t always felt this way, but after two failed LTR’s I’ve found myself forced to evaluate my historical decisions.  I mean, if a guy isn’t on his toes in the beginning, when is he going to be?  If I’m a doormat in the beginning, at what point do I stand up and announce I’m not really a doormat?  90 days in? <-That’s funny!  (I actually could see myself throwing a little shin dig for this announcement, don’t worry I’ll blog about that too!)

I try not to have too many ‘rules’ about dating, but there is one I strictly adhered to in my 20’s that I’m considering for use in my 30’s:
Rule:  If you have been dating for less than a month, or less than 5 dates, the ONLY days available are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.
  • Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are meaningless and do not indicate any status in the relationship.
  • Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are ‘school’ nights, you are less likely to be out late, over drink, or make bad decisions.
  • IF either party cancels, it’s very easy to get over.
Stay in Thursday paint nails, face mask etc…  Friday is date night in America *aka* see a movie with a girlfriend night, Saturday you should be out with your girlfriends, Sunday dates tend to be ‘lets make dinner and watch a movie dates’ and we all know what that really means!

This brings me to my current dating debacle; here’s the run down-

boy: Darcy do you want to go out on a date Friday?
me: yes! I’d love to!
boy: Ok, I’ll let you know if I don’t go out of town!
me: Umm?  Uhhh, ok!
boy: Still not sure about in town or out of town, should know tomorrow :)
me: Ok, LMK… >:-/
Thursday: 8pm (summarized)
boy: Looks like I am going out of town…stressful 2 weeks due to ex-girlfriend and work…I’m sorry, hope you don’t think I’m blowing you off…this will be good for me…
Yeah, No response from me.  Also, did he just bring up his ex?
Friday: 1pm
boy: Darcy I changed my mind because I have a lot of work to do!  Do you want to go out tonight?  I hope I’m still in your good graces!

Wtf?  Are you kidding me boy?  I’ve got plans, for goodness sake it’s Friday night! (outside of Dateline and 20/20, I have NO plans, I’ve gotta figure this out fast)

  1. I KNOW the answer to this last minute change should be NO (see above, doormat & on toes)
  2. I consider just saying yes, it is food, drink and company after all, and that does count for something.
  3. Text a friend, I need help here! she responds quickly (good friend):
“Life is short go have some f’ing fun on his dime” <-haha she’s funny!
“It’s too early to know if this will be a pattern”
me: but it’s against all dating rules from 1972 to current--I checked.
“rules are stoopid”
“if it becomes a pattern, deal with it then”
me: this is 2 Fridays in a row, i think it is a pattern
me: i think i’m going to flip a coin
me: I also text one more friend, if she is available it’s a sign, if not-flip a coin.
“actually, this is a  brilliant plan"
me: thanks! ok, going to dinner with her and her boyfriend! (f’ing Friday night date night in America!!)
“yay! what are you going to tell the boy?”
me: here’s what I sent him:
Dear boy, I have already made plans! Sorry!  Another time perhaps.. I don’t hate you yet!
 “perfect, he’s an idiot anyways”

So there you have it ladies, spelled out clear as mud!  I hope this helps clear this all up! 

Ps - boy & I have rescheduled
for Monday, bring flowers!
Pss - btw, his name isn't really
boy, I'm protecting his identity!
xx dP
Save yourself the headaches
send your dating debacles to me

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hold the sugar, yo...

As a (somewhat) high maintenance girl, I am ultra conscious of what I’m swigin’ on, only the good stuff for me! Watching what you eat is one thing, the drinks are a whole ‘nother deal!  If your not careful, you think you’ve just picked a fruity light refresher, only to read the facts and find you just drank a candy bar!  Uhhh, call me crazy, but I’m not exactly thrilled about an hour on the elliptical to work off a 12oz drink. Rude! 

Enter, Sparkling Ice…   This ahhmazing drink has ZERO calories, Zero sugar (sweetened with splenda), and absolutely positively does not taste like a diet drink what-so-eve, pinky promise!   It’s perfectly tangy, sparkling, refreshing fabulousness!  Best yet, you can order it in bulk from amazon, delivered right to your door.   And guess what? It’s great with vodka too, of course! Enjoy!  xx dP

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Mark Cuban: The parade will go on...

He saved the annual St. Patricks day parade for Dallas.  Sure did.
You don’t have to take my word for it.. 

I think in honor of Mark, ya’ll should start planning your duds now!

Ps - Mark wants us to thank
and just for fun - have this guy draw a cat for you
Pss - Don't forget the Jello shots!
Check these out...  yikes!
xx dP

Got any good Mark Cuban Stories?
St. Patricks Day Parade Stories?
Leave them for me HERE!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day Gentlemen..

Very valid point Shannon!  I commend your brilliance!
Here you go ladies, make your man blush today...

"real woman have a collection of lingerie we're dying to show you"

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Revenge: Pilot

And by ‘Hamptons’ I am of course referring to ABC’s hit series Revenge.  Personally, I can’t get enough of this show…  In fact, I like this show so much, I watch every episode twice, once for the story line, scowling my face at Victoria Grayson (played by Madeleine Stowe), shaking my head at Emily Thorn (played by Emily VanCamp), and rolling my eyes at Ashley Davenport (played by Ashley Madekwe).  The second round watch is simply to take notes on the amazing clothes they wear!  I can’t decide which one of these girls I’d exact my own kind of revenge on, just to raid their closet!  While this show sparks oh so many bad girls emotions inside me, envy hits me the hardest…. (ouch!)

Ps- I know, nevermind the clothes, 
how 'bout the Champagne?!
xx dP